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San Diego Music Awards and other Stuff!!

Yay!!  San Diego!  I love the people and the music of this beautiful city!!  Thanks for the nomination of Best Rock Band for 2017.  The event is at the San Diego House of Blues March 21 and benefits the Guitars in the Classroom as well as a great party!  What could be better!!

In this blog, I just want to say how grateful I am to those that support myself and music.  On an honest note, the business of music can be exhausting and a little discouraging at a time when many clubs and venues are closing.

The good news is that music in many forms, will always bring people together, it stimulates us (actually releases dopamine) and gives us natural euphoria!!  What can be better than that prescription!!

Dr Roni says…. keep live music in your life…It’s the best pill around….


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