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We had a great time working in the studio in august!
Sunset Sound is iconic in Los Angeles for recording amazing drum tracks in studio 2. Lynn Sorensen and Steve Wilson from Heaven and Earth joined me on the rhythm section and we had a blast with 2 of the new originals on the new EP!
September has more recording in Seattle as well as some sweet gigs!

We have a few fun shows this month…
Sep 16 – Las Vegas, NV – Double Down Saloon
Sep 23 – San Marcos, CA. – Biggs Harley Davidson
Sep 26 = Huntington Beach, CA Surf Dogs Sports Grill

And… Special pre-sale notice of our House Concert Oct 28.
DRESS TO ROCK!! A special night with me and Eve Selis!
Check out the flyer and grab your ticket now!!

All of our shows on always listed on the website;

Super excited about the new endorsement from Ernie Ball! What a great company supporting musicians and keeping us going with amazing-high quality products!!

My weird story this month: Was flying out of Long Beach airport and we were delayed. Not so unusual until the dogs and police came onto the tarmac. In Long Beach it is like the old days – planes on the ground and you walk out to them. Pretty cool really. Anyway, after about 1/2 the announcement came that there was a “suspicious” object on the plane and they were taking some of the seats out and checking it over its dogs. Eeeeekkk….. turns out there was an “unusual” lighter on board!! So apparently, there are many ways to light things up these days!
Good to know that Jet Blue takes all threats seriously and i was reassured by the steward that they want to land safely as much as we do!! Good to know and thanks Jet Blue for taking care of business quickly and safely!

As always I am so appreciative of your support for our music and know that every time an artist sees your face at the show or a like on social media or a kind word, we love it and it keeps us going another day !!!!

I also have to say I am so proud of the response of love and support for our friends, family and fellow Americans in Texas!! Seeing the love and outpouring with no borders is so refreshing and encouraging!! It is going to be a long healing and recovery process and we are with you until you are back on your feet!!


Roni Lee

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