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Hello rockers!!

We have so many fun things coming up in 2018!  New ways to share and see music.  Rock video tips, gigs… and well, just  a plethora of cool stuff!!!

First!!  Thank you for a wonderful 2017.  We traveled the world and back to the West Coast again, played so many fun gigs.  Started a new recording project (in the works right now!)   Our NYE celebration was at the award winning Pizzeria and rock bar in Las Vegas, NV with Leona X.!!  What a grand time that was!

And the musicians playground (AKA NAMM) is coming up in Anaheim at the end of January so stay tuned for that!

As a pre-NAMM warmup we will be playing at Surf Dogs in Huntington Beach on Jan 19!  If you love the beach, parties and rock and roll, you are gonna love this joint!!!

We are introducing a new way to support the original music and keep us recording, touring and entertaining on Patreon!  This is an awesome way to subscribe to artists you support even with a few dollars a month to keep us rockin!  We are still developing the site but you can peruse a bit here and watch us as we build!  As an original artist  the time we spend writing, developing recording and rehearsing and all this time is of course, unpaid…. eeek!!  We love to create and would never think of stopping as the end result is so gratifying!!  Hopefully you feel the same way and will click on this link and offer to subscribe monthly or a one-time donation is awesome too!  And if you think $5 doesn’t matter, well it does!!  So thank you in advance!!  MUAH!

We are wrapping up new music this month so watch for that!!!!    Hope to be done and have a Valentines Day release!!!

Love you guys!!  See you out there in the planet somewhere rockin!!


Roni Lee



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