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March on down to see some live MUSIC!!

So excited for this month!  We have our “ALL DRESSED UP” EP finishing up and a video project I am involved in that we are working on that I am super excited about with the awesome producer Tim Eaton and the incredible photographer/videographer Robert Sebree!  Check out his website and his amazing work!

Our gigs are special this month too with guests and cool stuff!!

March 3 and the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills!!

Then we hit our favorite North End San Diego County Beach Bar!!  Larry’s!!  With Jules Whelpton and Steve Wilson (Heaven and Earth) .. Oh yea, this will rock!

And.. then we hit Huntington Beach!!

March 16 at Surf Dogs Grill

March 20 at Perqs – Downtown Huntington Beach!  This is our first show at Perq’s and we would love your support there.  Come early for the awesome street fair on Main Street before we start playing!!  Also, this show is featuring Lynn Sorensen (formerly Bad Company and Paul Rodgers) as well as Steve Wilson (Heaven and Earth).  Come get your dance on!!!!

Gearing up for Germany 2018 tour so watch for the details coming soon!!!

Rock Tip for today:  Remember that social media is like a big billboard when you are driving down the street and everyone sees it!  People you don’t know, people that don’t care and potential new fans!  I would never begin to tell anyone what to say or how to say it on there own media but remember, you didn’t give any qualifications when you solicited that persons “like” or “subscription” so don’t be surprised when they don’t share all of your views…!   I limit my personal interaction and information as I would on a billboard.

However, there have been some amazingly awkward billboard posts… for example:

LOL…. so you see, even billboard ads can be re-thought but not unseen!!


Have a great spring and hope to see you soon at a show near you!!!



Roni Lee






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