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Spring is Here!! New Music ! (oh, and tax tips)

Hi Everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for taking that first step and opening the newsletter!  You are a true music fan!

We have some fun new music coming and as with all good things, sometimes it takes a little longer than we would hope but it will be worth it.  Working with the best people – what a great experience!

Meanwhile, we have a few fun gigs this month making room for studio time and of course, getting ready for the Europe tour.

April 7 – those fabulous folks at Biggs Harley Davidson in San Marcos, CA – joining me this show is Lynn Sorensen (Bad Co and Paul Rodgers), Steve Wilson (Dead Kennedys) and Jules Whelpton (Thatblondebassist)!

Then…. back in Huntington Beach at Surf Dogs on April 21 – Lots of great music, food and fun!!  We love to rock your faces!!


Tax Season Tip:

Some of you may know that my alter ego is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant – California) that is….  Even though I have spent most of life on stage, my business degree has added a super helpful aspect of the business that comes along with the package !  They don’t call it the “Music Business” for nothin!  So here are a few helpful tips for those musicians out there

  1. Change the oil in that car/truck you use for business mileage at the beginning or end of each year to document your mileage. (it’s a big deal with the IRS folks)
  2. Download an app that tracks miles and maybe even expenses on those road trips.  While you are sitting in the back of the van, update it before playing video poker!
  3. Assess whether you are really a pro musician or a weekend warrior that the IRS could possibly define you as a hobbyist!  Ask yourself… Does my brain surgery job take up most of my time and my weekends are spent jamming and buying new equip?  – yea, that might not be deductible.
  4. Don’t be a cheap-ass.  Engage a professional if you have any doubts of your ability to complete a self-employed tax return.  You could be giving away money and that would suck and make it difficult to buy that 15th guitar or 75th pedal that you won’t use – ever.!
  5. 1099 the musicians that you pay over $600.  They are subcontractors to you and you could lose the deduction if you do not have the proper paper work filled out (form W9 available at:
  6. You are a business and most likely, where you live requires a business license to operate.  Get it!!  It is cheap, and keeps you “legal” (well, as far as they are concerned) and the fee is usually super cheap and deductible!!

Happy Filing and Keep Rockin!!    Whether you are musicians or lovers of musicians (is that a thing?), we get our kicks playing for you and making music!!



Roni Lee




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