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Germany Tour 2018!!

Hello Rockers!!

(Read on for the rock tip at the end!!!)

Sometimes life can throw a little kiss on the cheek.  I always use great musicians when I travel over to Deutschland but this time my pals knew my old friend Gil Edwards has been touring there this past year promoting his new album and rockin out.  Gil was my bass player in the original Roni Lee Group in the Pacific NW but also a dear long-time family friend.    Any-hoo…..  I got a surprise email today that his is going to be in the band!!  yay!!

Honestly, it is so heartwarming to be in touch with friends from that time who are still vibrant, working and making music!  Please check out Gil’s website and his music when you can.. it’s awesome!!

Also, joining us is the fabulous Manni Von Bohr – Great Drummer and usually plays with Randy Hansen when he is touring there.  I am missing Randy this time as we are usually there at the same time but I guess this is my “upside”!

And of course, the tour promoter and amazing friend and musician Martin Engelien.  He runs the show like a top and all goes smooth the kicks out the bass solos on stage!  This tour is so fun (no rehearsals allowed)  We Just GO!!  

So here is the team!!  Starting May 30!  Check out our calendar for exact tour dates if you are in the area!



Before we leave, we have a super fun show in the desert at Willie Boys celebrating Cinco De Mayo!  Head on out and part with us featuring some new tunes – going a little country on  – oh yea  !!  Fiddle around!

The last show before we start packin is May 12 at Biggs Harley !!  Always love those boys and this is Harley season!! (when is it not Harley season in So Cal?) LOL



A lot of people ask me if you have to spend a bunch of cash to make a music video?

Quick answer is…. sure, you can hire some amazing people out there and they are worth it.  They have developed their craft and the gear is expensive and the editing time is long…………    But, sometimes the money just isn’t there so what do you do?  Well, my approach is always in anything in life, plan well.  Poor planning wastes time and money and friends or hired folks end up working out those details later and that is counter productive.  Understand that using green screen, multiple locations & cameras, lots of people etc is costly.  Usually, you can get the point across with a minimalist approach.  Check out some of your favorite artists and what they do with “trimmed down” vids.   Of course, you need someone in your circle or fan base that knows how to video and is into the project.  You would be surprised to find the talents in the folks around you if you look.  Expect many hours of editing, that is the most tedious and most important part of the process, like in the studio.  You may have to do a re-shoot or a work around etc.  If you start your project with a good story board that plans each shot and each location with a time schedule (like building a house), you have a great shot at getting it done in reasonable time within budget!!

Good luck and keep rockin!!   xoxoxoxo!!!


Roni Lee


Get ready for All Dressed Up!!  New EP out in May!!




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