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September Record Release!

Pretty excited about this month!  Then I guess I am always excited.. LOL!!!!

The new EP has been available for pre-order but the official release date is Sep 14th and it’s available all over the world thanks to our awesome distributors VonArtist!!  The team at VonArtist is are experienced but treat each release with excitement and energy and love!

I got pretty luck with those guys!! MUAH!


We sure had an awesome time with Heaven and Earth at the Whisky a few days ago.  A big shout out to them.  Check out their album “Hard to Kill” when you get at chance!

This month we have a couple shows along with the release as well as music videos coming out!  whew!  Good thing musicians don’t take vacations…..

September 7 @ Perqs Bar in Huntington Beach.  I love this place.  They know how to rock!!  Joining me is Steve Wilson and Lynn Sorensen.  You know them….the most bad-ass rhythm section on the West Coast!

September 14th I join with my label (Play Like a Girl Records) to support an amazing woman and her musical mayhem!

The Heritage Ranch in San Diego.   Americana Music Fest  !!  See some great artists, enjoy food and friends!

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