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November is Rockin Birthday Time!

Hi Rockers!!
Well, it’s my birthMONTH cuz one day isn’t long enough to enjoy my friends and fans and family!

It’s especially great to give back to everyone that supports me or really music! We really appreciate every one of you.
So… for this month and the two shows we have, here is the deal:
At the Lestats gig, Anyone coming and paying the entrance fee gets a free All Dressed Up CD!! This special Play Like a Girl Gig with Becca Jay!!

On November 10 we are back at Biggs Harley in San Marcos, CA – we love our Biggs Family and along with BBQ and fun, it’s a great time to get together for some noon-time rockin!!
The first 10 folks who come up to the stage and ask, receie a free CD!! Happy Birthday!!! xoxo!!

I am anticipating the release of some special videos this month and also spending time with family as well since the holidays are comin around. I won’t be traveling as much for gigs and even though I love doing that, I love my family and friends more!! I am thankful for them and really try to create a balance of creativity, family and time for myself (that last part is a toughy – HA)
Anyway, I encourage you to look at your own schedule, your busy life and take the time for yourself and loved ones because at the end of the day or end of the time on the planet, that is really how success is measured… right??
Love you all,

Roni Lee

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