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Foolin Around in April!

April fools might be over and yay for that btw… LOL But spring is definitely in the air and people are moving about the planet looking for adventure!!

Music takes me to the ends of the earth for sure and I am not sure if I would have been so inclined to travel without it. I am so glad it did because I have seem some wonders and had some great times!! We have a couple of shows in the San Diego Area this month and I will get to that or… you can just check out the tour tab too!

I thought I would share a few photos from some recent good times and travels and maybe suggest that next time you see your favorite band post their schedule, don’t be too quick to dismiss it because “it’s too far” Consider making an adventure out of traveling to see the band and taking in the surrounding sites at the same time! Familiar faces in a new place works for both you and the band! It’s a win win!! I love seeing a face from home in the crowd 🙂

Hollywood, CA the famous Whisky a GoGo!

Germany June 2018 on the Go Music Tour!

NAMM – Anaheim, CA
Jan 2019

A quick stop to take in the beauty in Chamonix France on the way to London – June 2018

My daughter joined me at the end of the tour and we had to make a pit stop in Monaco! (Cuz she is a princess! yea, I dropped a $20 bill at the casino)

My Signature on the wall of Abby Road Studios in London (and my daughter lauren!LOL)

Abby Road! Stay Out ! – Fine!

There are so many more of course – highlights and memorys of the good times and good friends! So this year, I highly suggest getting out there and exploring a bit. Whether is 5 miles or 5000 miles away, life is an adventure!!

p.s. This Month me and The S!rens are at Campland by the Bay in San Diego on April 13. Grab a tent if you want to stay over (gotta make a reservation) but wouldn’t this make for an Excellent Adventure? (including smores and marquaritas!). Of course, you can just drop in for the show too and pay us a visit at this beautiful out-door stage.

Biggs Harley – San Marcos, CA (pic below) is always a great time! The S!rens of Rock will be there April 20 from noon to 3.


By the Way … Here are the S!rens! Yours Truly, Michele Whitlow – Vox, Jules Whelpton – Bass, Rhythm Turner – Drums/Vox!!

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