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No June Gloom for Rockers!!

We have a fun packed month and as usual, it involves me getting on a plane or packing a van but it’s worth it to see your smiling faces and share the good times!!

Working again with Monty Smith on the video for the soon to be released, single:  Young Wild Boys – Produced by Tim Eaton and re-make of a super fun tune by Bruno Mars.   You might be expecting handsome young men in bow ties but really the song has a bit of a deeper meaning.  Like life in general, a little fun with a lesson attached…….   

The “Ring”! Lights , Camera, Action

“I get lost under these lights I get lost in the words I say

Start believing my own lies Everything will be okay

I just dream a simple life Boy meets girl, makes her his wife

Love don’t exist when you live like this

That much I know, I know

And all these roads steer my wrong

But I drive them all night long, all night long

Young Wild Boys, You Make a Mess of Me…..

Stay Tuned for Youn Wild Boys Dropping July 12!

Other fun times this month includes my cover band – the S!rens of Rock!

Check us out!

S!rens of Rock – Humphrey’s Backstage, San Diego

For event details, check out our tour page but here are the highlights for June! MUAH!

June 15 the Famous Larry’s Beach Club, Oceanside (always a party!)

June 19 Humphreys Backstage, San Diego (for those fancy folks and Bay Lovers!)

June 22 Biggs Harley Davidson, San Marcos (Party starts at noon!)

June 23 Belly Up, Solana Beach for Carly’s Cause!  Definitely check this out.  Research for kids’ diseases.  Help the helpless!!

June 26 Lucky Strike, Hollywood! Special Show with Lynn Sorensen just a couple of tunes but a great night of music all around!

June 28 Navajo Live, La Mesa a S!ren show with special guest drummer Simona Bressi!

June 29 San Diego Fair, Coors Light Stage Rockin at 3:00 so grab the kids and come for the day!

If you do have some gloom in your life, count it all as part of the journey, the pavement is made of rocks you know….   Most things pass and sometimes focusing on someone else or helping a friend can help you too!


Roni Lee


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