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I have a reputation for constantly moving and October is no different!! L.A., San Diego and Seattle – here we come! In Fact, Oct 3 we are in a new venue in Tarzana with a special guest so if you an L.A. resident (or just love to travel!) come on down!

Also, I am exited to be recording a new single. Cold Hearted Lover. Many of you have heard that song in our set list – our original recording was done at the beloved Kaye-Smith Studios in Seattle. Here is a bit of history on that Iconic studio. So many studios are going out of business and being replaced by the home studios which are putting out great product to be sure, but the experience of the band together in the engineering booth and the camaraderie is hard to replace. For a great read on Kaye-Smith (founded by the famous Danny Kaye and Lester Smith click this link:

Or…. if you want the quick over-view:

Kaye-Smith Enterprises has a storied history and deep roots in the Pacific Northwest dating to its founding in 1958. Kaye-Smith Enterprises was formed as a joint venture between Les Smith and actor Danny Kaye. The company owned and operated radio stations in Washington, Oregon, Kansas and Ohio. KJR-AM Seattle, KISW-FM Seattle, KXL-AM/FM Portland, and KJRB-AM/KEZE-FM Spokane were the prominent stations in the group, which lead to other related businesses.

One was Concerts West, a nationwide concert promotion company which produced tours for artists like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, John Denver and Led Zepplin, to name a few. A recording studio and film production company known as Kaye-Smith Productions emerged during the 70s and was utilized by local advertisers and musicians such as Steve Miller, Heart and Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Any who…. it was awesome to record that song in 1978 but it was time to re-invent this awesome tune by Steve Buffington/R. Lee (in the original Roni Lee Group) and release it properly!

Me and Buff !! Love the 80s!

Ok..!! Here we go folks! Oct 3 will be at the awesome local hangout in Tarzana, CA – Maui Sugar Mill. This joint has been rockin for decades so come on down for a brew and a hang!

Rockin with Dawn Lindsey!

Oct 17 – You know we love Humphrey’s in San Diego and this night will be following the Beach Boys so let’s keep the party going!

Joining us will be Larry Grano and of course, the awesome Michele Whitlow!!

Oct 18 – another new venue – Gossip Grill – San Diego!!!

A night of girl power!

Comedy and Music (which one are we??) LOL

Then… I’m off to beloved Seattle to host a Halloween jam with Lynn Sorensen at Dave’s in Milton!! Oh yea, this will be a gas! Come dressed to kill (or maime) Lot’s of special guests!

Even though it isn’t technically Oct, check out my other two shows in the Seattle area Nov 1 & 2! Make your plans now as I won’t be back until next year (sounds far away)….

Grab those V.I.P. tixs now!
This is a great venue – dancing and shenanigans abound..!!

It’s fall and time to start pulling out those holiday decorations, making plans for travel and getting together with family and friends. Remember that everyone has their own opinions, experiences, disappointments, celebrations and odd behaviours! LOL

Embrace the differences in them, appreciate the time you get to spend because that can change in an instant and relish in the fact that Jan is around the corner!

Keep this in mind and remember is goes both ways: Visitors are like left-overs… time to throw them out after 3 days.


Look familiar?

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