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The Future is Here……

HELLO 2020!!!

So, I am not going to make 2020 vision jokes since we have all heard them all already, and it’s barely the new year!!!  But I am taking a look back, and looking at the fun times in the past decade since re-emerging into the music biz starting with the Runaways movie.  When the movie came out, it sparked a revival for me and others from that era and here we are 3 CDs, 4 Singles later, and hundreds of gigs! Wow, what a greatful girl I am!

New Years Eve with Jules Whelpton and Tosha Jones – Gardenwalk, Anaheim!

Here is the scene with “I Wanna Be Where the Boys are.”  Song is sung by the actress Kristen Stuart – she did a great job protraying Joan! If you get a chance to check out this movie, it’s pretty real… just sayin’…

Speaking of new singles!! January 3rd is our official release of “Cold Hearted Lover” the 2020 version! This song was originally written decades ago with my band mate, and co-writer Steve Buffington. I had a blast recording this new arrangement with Jules Whelpton and Brian Tichy. Mixed and Master by Lynn “Ears” Sorensen! Cover Photo: Frank Rodrick.

Pick up the single and share with friends!!
Pick up a copy today everywhere!!

NAMM, NAMM NAMM, NAMM… Anaheim, CA, Jan. 16-19th
What’s a January newsletter, without mentioning the biggest annual music convention in the world?!  
Nation Association of Music Merchants, is a gear-geeks heaven! New vendors with new products, and of course, the tried and true. If it’s music related, it’s there!

The NAMM organization is a huge advocate for music education, and is always looking for ways to educate and inspire young and old to keep the creative fires burnin!
Jules Whelpton and I will be performing Saturday the 18th, at 4:30 on the floor of the convention center for our Guitar Cable and Case endorsers, Pighog Cables and Reunion Blues Gig Bags. It’s vendors like these folks that work with musicians and show them the love with gear to keep going! As endorsed artists, we in turn promote their wares! FYI, I only sponsor equipment I truly love!!  

Thank you to my Endorsements!!

Paul Reed Smith Guitars
Soldano Amplification
Blackstar Amps
Blug Guitar Amps
Pighog Cables
Renunion Blues Gig Bags
Rocknroller carts
Ernie Ball Strings
Xotic Pedals
In tune Guitar Pics

Also, if you get there early, check out the Ultimate Jam at the Hilton Hotel Saturday, Jan 18! Too many awesome players to list but keep up by liking the page! I’ll be on stage along with the 80s icon Tiffany!!! Just to name one!! ‘


Feb 15 San Marcos, CA – Biggs Harley
Feb 20 Tarzana, CA  – Maui Sugar Mill
Feb 21 Pasadena, CA The Rose Canyon club with BERLIN!

Gonna be a great start to a fabulous 2020!! Happy New Year!!


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