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6 Months Later……..

Wow, where did that time go? Looking back since my last website note seems like a fairy tale or a nightmare or a little of both. Ok, mostly nightmare!! Yikes!!

Of course COVID. there, I said it and I will move on. Frankly I don’t think I could come up with one single thing to say about it that you haven’t already said or heard!! LOL

So on to music. The RLG team has been writing, filming streaming and like every one else, spending some quality family time together with kids, parents and friends. Actually, it’s been different but looking at the upside, it has been a great time to reflect on the future for music and personal life too!

I am totally celebrating the 80s along with the rest of the planet it looks like! Just like most of you, I have been watching (some might call if binging) on movie and show platforms and the classic tunes have made a wild come back and I am thrilled since so many of us grew up with them and they are the songs that inspired our own music!

Early November sparks our single release and video of Rick Springfield’s Love Somebody! A fun romp through one of my favorite 80s song. I hope you love the tune and will share the video and download the single when it comes out!! This was a tune recorded by myself, Lynn Sorensen and Jeff Kathan – that bad ass power trio from Seattle! We have some good times!

September 19 I will be back in my beloved Seattle recording a song with co-writer Lynn Sorensen. But since we can’t sit still, we will also be performing together (me as a guest) with the amazing Chad Quist and Doug McGrew. so check us out!!! Chad does this every week so maybe a great replacement to Thursday movie night???

Keep an eye out for the vinyl release coming next year!! Rumor has it there is a start of a book with it (maybe a novelette?)LOL Gotta tell a few stories!!

Music is taking a twist for sure and many of us are unsure of how we will be affected but one thing we do know is that the love for music will ….. NEVER, EVER, EVER GO AWAY!! So… expect new and exciting ways of live-streaming and performances to crop up and we hope you will support your favorite bands and musicians and explore some new folks too as we tip toe through this maze together !

As always, much love to you all!!!



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