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Resolutions?! Here is my take on that one!

I’m not afraid of a resolution !
I hear a lot of talk about not making a new year resolution? I get it because we don’t want to face failure if we don’t reach the bar!
My take on that is …you probably will fail at some things but you will also succeed at some if you are diligent!.. it’s the attempt that counts – it breeds tenacity and determination .  Ask anyone that you admire, that has achieved some pretty awesome stuff and they will tell you the road to their success is paved with .. well, non-successes!
It’s important to have that goal, that bar you are always reaching for.  It’s equally important not to beat yourself up if you don’t reach it in the time you have given yourself.  Sometimes it’s not the goal anyway, it’s the road there.
Photo By Frank Rodrick


Whether it’s music, health, relationships… go ahead and make a resolution! It’s better to be better even if it’s an extra hour of exercise a week or a half hour longer practice time…

A new year always brings hope and anticipation … out with the old, in with the new.  A time to reflect on lessons learned from past experience and applying them to the future.
Recently a friend paid me a nice compliment.  Something about being smart etc ..lol
My response was that I really try to learn from every experience that I have and watching the people around me too!  I apply those learned experiences to future decisions and how they affect others.  Sounds simple and maybe my “street smarts” from being on my own since the ripe age of 15 has honed my survival skills but I am surprised at how humans can be so prone to repeating history like the outcome will be different?…  Also as a mom of 3, I am always in “teaching” mode – wanting them to grow up to be free-thinking “Learners”. 🤔 As a parent, you are forced to harness that self-absorbed-narcissistic beast that lurks within every musician! Haha
This year my goals are to keep rockin like a hurricane (as usual) with more focus on those projects that have a more social meaning to me like the Daddy’s Home video we just released and more mentoring projects as well as expanding my live performances to include projects like Women of Woodstock (a celebration of the women that pioneered rock music) and Rock Goddesses (a tribute to women’s music accords the decades).
I am excited to be teaming up with a great group of organizations to host a jam on Jan 25 at Grasslands in Anaheim dedicated to the Future of Music and educational programs during the NAMM convention.
Opening the year is a visit to one of my favorite places on the planet.  The Pacific Northwest!
Jan 3.  I am teaming up with the amazing band mate and friend  Lynn Sorensen to host the popular Dave’s of Milton, WA jam so come on down and play a tune!
Jan 4&5.  Lynn and I will be guest players for Deacon Jones at the Quinalt Casino in Oceanshores, WA book your rooms now!
Deacon Jones!
Jan 11.  The Stonegate in Tacoma, WA will be rockin with guest opening band Darby Picnic and my band mates Lynn Sorensen and the mighty Jeff Kathan as well As guest guitarist Monty Smith and Lee Gregory (Darby Picnic) on Key’s.  Also that night after 38 years, I will be reuniting with my original guitarist for the Roni Lee Group .. the fabulous Mr. Steve Buffington.  I personally am so excited about that!

Circa 1981 with Steve Buffington – Seattle Original Roni Lee Group!
Jan 25.  Grasslands BBQ Namaheim Jam! Anaheim, CA. Lots of great players and tunes that night to celebrate the NAMM experience!
Larry Mitchell with be a Special Guest this Year!

Jan 24-26.  Booth performances at the NAMM convention including my special friends at Reunion Blues Nd Pig Hog Cables at 3:00 on Jan 25.  I’ll announce more booth times and locations later gator!
Reunion Blues Booth 3:00 Sat Jan 26!
Well, that’s the month in brief in my world.  I hope that your year brings joy and peace and gobbs of live music!
Roni Lee

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